All-on-4: An ideal solution in only one day

If you want a permanent solution for your smile, with the highest quality implants, with full functionality - then All-on-4 method is the best solution for you.

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You have lost your teeth?

Are you wearing a problematic removable dentures?

Your teeth are in bad shape and intended for extraction?

If at least one of the questions is answered with YES, we have an ideal solution that aesthetically and functionally perfectly mimics the natural teeth and that you can get in no time – and that is All-on-4 method!

Classical denture or All-on-4


Removable dentures have a number of disadvantages that cause everyday problems for the people wearing them, such as: denture slipping, sore gums, problems while chewing, food retention, discomfort, poor hygiene, problems while speaking, and so on.


The All-on-4 method eliminates all these deficiencies. Also, there is no need to remove the denture, as it is a fixed solution. Therefore, it contributes in every way to improving the quality of person's life.

What kind of method it is?


An easy definition of the All-on-4 method refers to „all teeth being supported on four implants“. A fixed dental bridge is placed on the toothless upper and lower jaw on only four implants - two straight implants towards the front and two lateral implants at an angle of 45 degrees.

The method is especially good for people who do not have enough bone and is a consequence of long-lasting edentulism. Since the implants are anchored in the front part of the jaw, and the inclination affects larger part of the bone - the need to upgrade the bone as well as to raise the sinus is excluded. This makes this method revolutionary, unique, minimally invasive and fast.

After only one visit to the oral surgeon, the patient gets a temporary fixed bridge and functional teeth. The first fixed bridge is temporary, and after a few months, the patient receives a permanent bridge.

Why should you decide for All-on-4?

The major advantage of the method is the speed and quality - with a one-day treatment you will have teeth like natural and possibility to chew on the very same day.

Consider also the other, not less important benefits:

The least invasive method
The least invasive procedure with inserting only 4 dental implants
Shorter treatment period
The fastest solution to recover lost teeth.
Improved quality of life
Enabling proper function (food chewing) and superior aesthetics (natural tooth appearance). Also, there is no gum irritation as there is no artificial palate as with a classical denture.
Minimum recovery time
Recovery time is significantly shorter compared to the conventional methods
Science supported
Created by the renowned company Nobel Biocare, a world leader in dental implant technology, the success of this method has been proven by numerous clinical studies and a 10-year follow-up of post-treatment patient health.
The best value for money
Significantly lower cost than with conventional implant and fixed bridge therapy.

Ideal candidates for All-on-4 include:

Patients who wish to have fixed prostheses, and have lost all or most of their teeth.

Patients wearing removable prosthesis for many years.

Patients who have experienced severe bone loss over time, especially in the back of the jaw.

Patients who have very poor teeth intended for extraction.

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You get a temporary fixed bridge and functional teeth. The initial bridge is temporary. After a period of 3 to 12 months, the temporary bridge is replaced by a permanent one!

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Dental tourism


If you do not live in Bosnia and Herzegovina and desire a bright smile, we are here to enable that. Many of our patients come from Slovenia, Germany, Austria, Italy...

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For all our patients from abroad there is a possibility of free accommodation in the apartments in the same building where our center is located. The perfect smile is possible in just a few steps!

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